The Rooms

The cool, quiet and courtyard of each room, combined with COCOMAT mattresses, will make you enjoy the days and nights of your summer vacation.

Stylish and tastefully decorated spaces that point to the simplicity of the Greek province, create a welcoming atmosphere, providing all the comforts, such as air conditioning, equipped kitchen, LCD TV



The single-space rooms   have one king-size double bed  or two single beds and equipped kitchen.

The two-space rooms are quadruple and have two separate sleeping areas and equipped separate kitchen.

garden_room_1_01.jpg garden_room_1_02.jpg garden_room_1_03.jpg

garden_room_1_04.jpg garden_room_1_05.jpg garden_room_1_06.jpg


garden_room_2_01.jpg garden_room_2_02.jpg garden_room_2_03.jpg

garden_room_2_04.jpg garden_room_2_05.jpg garden_room_2_06.jpg

garden_room_2_07.jpg garden_room_2_08.jpg garden_room_2_09.jpg


garden_room_3_01.jpg garden_room_3_02.jpg garden_room_3_03.jpg

garden_room_3_04.jpg garden_room_3_05.jpg garden_room_3_06.jpg



garden_room_4_01.jpg garden_room_4_02.jpg garden_room_4_03.jpg

garden_room_4_04.jpg garden_room_4_05.jpg garden_room_4_06.jpg

garden_room_4_07.jpg garden_room_4_08.jpg garden_room_4_09.jpg